2 & 3 Layer Shrink Sleeves

2 & 3 Layer Shrink Sleeves

Shrink Sleeves offer superior corrosion protection for pipelines using a tubular or wrap around sleeve that is applied in the field on the girth weld. Shrink sleeves are highly resistant to mineral acids, they are tough but at the same time flexible and resistant to vibration and movement of the pipe.

2-layer systems are a sleeve that consists of an outer layer made of polyolefin which are usually polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) and a layer of heat activated adhesive. These can be installed on all pipe sizes that consist of PE, PP or Fusion Bond Epoxy (FBE) coated pipelines.

3-layer systems, are like 2-layer in which they have an outer layer of polyolefin and a heat activated adhesive, but in this application, they require a third layer which consists of a two-part epoxy primer which is applied prior to the sleeve being installed.

Shrink sleeves are popular today because of their ease of installation, excellent protection, and are cost effective.


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