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KEYMAY is a leading provider of professional, reliable application and installation services to the pipeline industry; in the most challenging, remote environments. As a trusted solution for infrastructure projects, we will work tirelessly to deliver quality services and application to support your pipeline project.

KEYMAY has a commitment to quality workmanship, as well as improving worker safety and environmental footprint on pipeline construction projects. Our installation crews follow a customized inspection and test plan (ITP) specifically designed and crafted for each unique job, and perform quality checks at the various stages of our coating and application processes to ensure superior quality control on every project.

KEYMAY offers the following services:
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KEYMAY participates in 3M’s Contractor Qualification Program, which is a quality-based program designed to assist both end users and 3M in increasing their confidence in a coating applicator as well as increasing the chances of a successful project. The program requires KEYMAY to maintain our level of competency through continuous improvement initiatives in both hand spray-applied and automated spray-applied external pipeline coatings.
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KEYMAY is also pleased to announce our recent participation in SPC’s ContractorQualificationn Program. Through this program, KEYMAY has been audited and approved for the plural spray application of SPC products.

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Reliable full-service provider

Project Manager

We started using KEYMAY for their weights, but now they are a supplier or provider in five different aspects of our business – the “one-stop shop” for specialty pipeline and civil products.

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Dedicated service

Pipeline Superintendent

KEYMAY’s service truly represents full understanding of the construction environments – the demands of the project do not cease at 5pm, and neither does KEYMAY’s service.