Non-Woven Geotextiles

Non-Woven Geotextiles

Our non-woven geotextiles are comprised of high-quality polypropylene fibres, constructed through a needle-punching process that binds the fibers, resulting in a strong, continuous geotextile. This method of construction is ideal for applications requiring heavy water flow rates and the filtration of soil fines. The unique construction of non-woven geotextiles allows effective and consistent filtration of soils and water flow for drainage applications, while providing strong erosion control and preventing the movement or loss of soil. Constructed from chemical-resistant fibres, non-woven geotextiles are very resistant to the low-concentration of chemicals found in soil applications.

Non-woven geotextiles can be used in a variety of applications including trench drains, wrapping pipe for filtration, and erosion protection. Non-woven geotextiles can also be used in cushioning and protecting geomembrane liner in containment applications. The needle-punched construction of non-woven geotextiles allows the material to maintain its integrity and remain resilient and resistant to damage against environmental stresses of the construction process.

Non-woven geotextiles can be used to provide separation and stabilization required in various applications, cushioning and protection against damage in containment applications, and also as a lightweight, cost-effective solution for protection of geomembrane lining systems. KEYMAY’s selection of nonwoven geotextiles are available in varying strengths and thicknesses for any project or application.

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