Keybag Geotextile Weights

Keybag™ Geotextile Pipeline Weights

The patented Keybag wraparound weight is manufactured from a non-woven geotextile chosen for its excellent hydraulic properties, as well as the proven strength of the material and its long-term durability underground. The Keybag weights are available in stock from sized 4″-16″

  • Fill Material is ½” minus aggregrate
  • KEYMAY offers on site filling

Bags are individually weighed as part of KEYMAY’s quality control procedures to ensure correct fill has been met.


Lifting and fastening the Keybag weight to the pipe is accomplished with web slings, lifting in “basket” mode. The sling is constructed of woven polyester, chosen for its zero stretch, UV resistance, resistance to abrasion, and excellent resistance to rot and mildew. The sling design is tested to a minimum of 5 times the weight being lifted. With these capabilities, the sling is a rated lifting device and the only one being used on soft style weights today.


Fill material for the Keybag geotextile wraparound weight is 3/4, minus aggregate. The choice of this aggregate gives our weights some distinct advantages. First, the fill will not freeze into a solid lump; it will remain malleable and easy to install in all weather; all seasons. Second, the immersed weight of the aggregate is superior to either concrete or sand, so the number of weights required on the line will be reduced, saving you time and costs associated with installation.

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Reliable full-service provider

Project Manager

We started using KEYMAY for their weights, but now they are a supplier or provider in five different aspects of our business – the “one-stop shop” for specialty pipeline and civil products.

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Dedicated service

Pipeline Superintendent

KEYMAY’s service truly represents full understanding of the construction environments – the demands of the project do not cease at 5pm, and neither does KEYMAY’s service.